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Inspired by the Alfa Mito GTA concept car previewed a Geneva 2009, Monza Sports Tuning have produced a special MiTo for the Alfisti MiTo owners who can wait no longer. We built the MiTo Carbonio by taking the already highly specified Alfa MiTo Cloverleaf with the 1.4TB MultiAir 170BHP (awarded Best New Engine of the Year 2010) as it's starting point.

The MiTo GTA concept itself was heavily inspired by Carbon Fibre and Monza Sports have commissioned exclusive Carbon Fibre products from our partner ACT.

Monza have tuned many Alfa 156 GTAs and  recently have commissioned a Carbon Fibre plenum which greatly improves torque and power delivery.

  • £90.00 + VAT

    We have partnered with ACT Products to bring top quality carbon fibre Alfa Romeo Mito products to our customers. This pair of wing covers are full replacment for the OEM colour coded covers. They don't have the fixtures for fitting so are required to be bonded on with mastic or silicon, hoowever they are a perfect fit and add a real sporty look to your Mito for very little money.

    The carbon fibre parts are made in a 2x2 twill weave and produced in an autoclave for the best possible finish to the outside (visible) parts.  

  • £190.00+VAT

    Straight out of the ACT Products carbon fibre factory are these Mito Front Headlamp Surrounds. Made from pre-pregnated Carbon Fibre these Front headlamps come in a pair and will make the front of your Alfa Mito stand out in a crowd.

    These are easy to fit yourself, please do remember that the fitting requires removal of the front bumper. If you are not confident if doing this yourself, Monza Sports Tuning are more than happy to get your car booked in to complete this for you.

  • Top quality Alfa Romeo MiTo Front Grill Panel Trims in Carbon Fibre. (To replace existing Chrome effect).  Price for Pair excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo engine cover insert in Carbon Fibre. Price excludes VAT.

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo Carbon Fibre Air-box. (Takes K & N filter). Also fits Fiat Punto Evo. Price excludes VAT

  • Silicon Induction Hose to aid air-flow. Available in Black or Red. Price excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo rear light surrounds in Carbon Fibre. (Reuires removal of bumper to fit). Price excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo rear bumper lamp surround in Carbon Fibre. Price for pair excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo rear bumper top panel in Carbon Fibre. Price excludes VAT.

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo tow-bar cover surround in Carbon Fibre. Price excludes VAT.

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo rear spoiler in Carbon Fibre. Price excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo twin exhaust trims in Carbon Fibre. Price excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo Cadamuro Front Bumper. (Requires paint and fit). Price excludes VAT

  • £154.95 + VAT

    Alfa Romeo MiTo Rear bumper from Cadamuro designed for Ragazzon Twin exhaust. (Requires paint,  fit, and other Carbon Fibre pieces to make good. Price excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo Cadamuro side skirts. (Require paint and fit). Price excludes VAT

  • £149.95 + VAT

    Arfe you wanting to release some extra horsepower and let the Mito engine breathe easier? The this first modification you should look at is the Mito's exhaust system. The Ragazzon front flexi-pipe is just the place to start your engine performace modifications. The flexi-pipe fits directly on to the exhaust manifold on the engine and with it's increased bore size allows more exhaust gasses to be release from the engine at high rpm's.

  • £109.95 + VAT

    So you've bought the Ragazzon Rear Silencer and the Front Flexi-pipe, all you need now is this Ragazzon Centre Pipe and your Alfa Mito Ragazzon exhaust system is complete.

  • £399.95 + VAT

    If you are looking for a high-quality stainless steel twin rear exhaust system for your Alfa Romeo Mito then you can't go wrong with a Ragazzon exhaust. They are manufactured in the province of Treviso in Italy and with over 20 years experience in making each and every exhaust fit perfectly you can be assured for a quality fitment every time.

    They provide a sporty tone to your engine note, without being too loud, and may help the engine breathe better when making full use of your Dynamic sports mode in the DNA settings.

  • Alfa Romeo MiTo Eibach wheel spacers - give extra track improving road holding and looks. Price excludes VAT

  • Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, Alfa 147 GTA, 156 2.5 V6, GTV 3.0, GTV 3.2, Carbon Fibre Plenum for increased power and torque delivery. (Will require Re-map to get best gains). Includes ECU holder. Can be orderered for different size throttle bodies. Price  excludes VAT

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