Cosworth Power Packages Subaru BRZ Toyota GT86

Monza Sports is an authorised Cosworth Power Package Dealer

The progressive Cosworth Stage 1 and Stage 2 packages for the Subaru BRZ deliver power increases of between 15HP and 80HP, transforming the already sporty 200HP BRZ and providing outstanding throttle response and amazing drivability.

Cosworth's approach to the performance aftermarket is to provide a set of components that have been designed and engineered by Cosworth to work together as a solution, rather than a collection of individual parts, in order to maximise peak performance and reliability.

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality, the first time fit of each individual Cosworth component is assured, while the scalable system approach means that additional packages can be added easily, integrating each system with the next.

Stage 1 (air filter, thermostat, ECU remap, exhaust, manifold)

Stage 1             HP         Total HP    Cost (fitted inc VAT)
Stage 1.0        +15HP        215HP                £819
Stage 1.1        +20HP        220HP             £2,220
Stage 1.2        +25HP        225HP             £3,096
Stage 1.3        +30HP        230HP             £4,500

Stage 2 (supercharger, intake manifold, intercooler, exhaust)

Stage 2             HP         Total HP    Cost (fitted inc VAT)
Stage 2.0        +60HP        260HP             £5,280
Stage 2.1        +70HP        270HP             £6,720
Stage 2.2        +75HP        275HP             £7,596
Stage 2.3        +80HP        280HP             £9,000

See the two videos of Stage 1 and Stage 2 Subaru BRZ performance improvements on the right.

Download the PDF brochure with details of the Monza Sports Power packages – click here

Watch the video of the Monza Sports Subaru BRZ Demonstrator with Stage 2 supercharger kit – click here

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