Choosing car colours: what’s hot and what’s not?

  • Published: 23 April 2020
  • Choosing car colours: what’s hot and what’s not?

You can spend 2 minutes day dreaming in a traffic jam and notice that most cars on the road these days are made up of a few samey colours; black, white and silver. Does that mean we all like the same colour, or is there a higher power at work?

OK, so there is the odd pink, yellow, green car on the road and starting to become more common – two or even three toned colours. You would have thought in today’s modern world of consumer choice that the colour palette made available when buying a new car would be everything in a rainbow! It’s appears not.

White cars leading the way

It seems we are creatures of trend. Known as the “Apple effect” white cars have exploded on to our roads since 2012 and are still the highest selling colour at over 550,000 units in 2016. Seen as sporty, stylish, clean and fresh the monochromatic look with black tyres and trim can make any model look “sportier” at no extra cost. Less we forget, back in the 90’s, white was only seen on police cars, Japanese imports and vans – oh how times have changed!

Black still popular

Black is the second most popular at 540,000. It seems we still love to keep them clean and shiny, but they are notoriously the hardest to keep clean all at the same time. Black can also be the cheapest option to purchase from most manufacturers. Normally the solid colour option at no extra cost, maybe that’s why we like them.

More than 50 shades of Grey

You then have your silvers and greys. Where the line is drawn between these two is anyone’s guess, but none the less we love them in the UK – 465,000 units. Great for ‘hiding the marks’, strong resale values, and now a huge selection of ‘shades’ you can see why there seem to so many parked on our driveways.

Standing out from the crowd

What about the rest? Well, of course here at Monza Sport we’re biased to red! Passionate. Fiery. Sporty. What better colour to choose of any of our Alfas or Fiats and Abarths. We also love our Subaru’s in blue, it fits the car range perfectly no matter what the model.

Don’t let our choices sway you though, we try and stock a wide range of colour choice in our used cars, but if you are considering a new car then you have the manufacturer colour chart at your mercy.