• Fiat Service & MOT

That’s right! If you own a Fiat and live near Worthing, West Sussex you once again have a Fiat Dealer to bring your vehicle to. Monza Sport have taken on the responsibility to provide local Fiat owners with all their servicing, repair and MOT needs since 2016.

The expertise from our Alfa Romeo and Abarth technicians crosses over to Fiat, and so we are able to provide expert services for all Fiat vehicles. you can now bring your Fiat in and have the approved Monza Sport team be your go-to authorised Fiat service dealer in West Sussex.

Where to get your Fiat Serviced in the Worthing area

Following the closure of PDH Findon and Fiat Crawley Down we are keen to look after and supply our excellent customer service to Fiat customers in addition to Abarth and Alfa Romeo from all over the Worthing area. In fact, no matter where you live in Sussex we’d be happy to look after all your servicing needs.

FIAT Authorised Service Garage

We are confident that our dealership can offer Fiat owners the same extremely high-level of service which we’ve been giving our Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Subaru service customers from day one.

We have access to Fiat genuine parts and diagnostic equipment and can carry out recalls, WARRANTY work and Fiat software updates.

Our Alfa Dealer Expert Technician, Kevin Riddles gained his Fiat Dealer Expert Technician qualification in 2004 and has been looking after customers cars ever since.

Labour rates for Fiat servicing:       –      £94.95 + VAT Per Hour

Monza Sport customer service facilities include:

  • Courtesy Cars are available and all are up to just 24 months old or have done less than 24k miles
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available on site with comfortable waiting facilities and refreshments

In case you want to wait in local area whilst your car is being serviced;

  • The Red Lion pub is just a stone’s throw away with a great reputation for food and drink.
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  • Windscreen Treatment
    Duxback Windscreen Treatment From £29.99 +VAT Duxback is a revolutionary glass treatment that keeps glass as it should be – see through. Rain sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off, ice does not stick. How does Duxback work? Duxback even repels dirt, making your windscreen, side glass or rear glass cleaner and clearer for far longer and if it does need cleaning a whole lot easier to clean. Duxback is a professionally applied glass treatment that creates ...
  • 4 Wheel Laser Alignment
    From £99.95 +VAT Since the car was invented it has been important that all four wheels point in the same direction! Over time as the car and its components have evolved, so has the way cars steering and suspension set up or geometry is measured. The modern car is built for comfort, performance and handling. In order to achieve and maintain the best ride possible, the steering and suspension needs to be measured and adjusted within the motor manufacturer’s specifications. This...
  • Air Con Services and Re-gas
    Don’t wait until your system is broken and you urgently need it! Get your Air Con Serviced from just £59.95 +VAT Despite England not having the best weather in the world, we do use our air con more than we think; mainly for keeping cool on hot summer days and dimisting windscreen on cold winter ones! Just like you would have other parts of your car serviced, it’s important to have your air con system serviced too. Especially when it is something that is used almost&nbsp...
  • MOT Test – Special Offer
    MOT Test – Special Offer


    In conjunction with a Service

    Book an MOT at the same time as your Service and we’ll put your car through the test for just £45.00 (normally £54.85)!

    Limited time only.

    Call now on 01903 893052 to book your Service and MOT.

  • FREE! Full Car Health Check
    FREE! Full Car Health Check

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    Take advantage of our free health check and book your car in at Monza Sport today.
    Our health check includes:

    • Lights
    • Levels
    • Tyre checks

    ​Contact us today on 01903 893052 to find out more information or to book your car in.