Why buy a Pre-reg or Ex-demo car?

  • Published: 23 April 2020
  • Why buy a Pre-reg or Ex-demo car?

First off, let’s make it clear what a “pre-reg” or “ex-demo” car is, for those that don’t know. Any car dealer has a quota of new vehicles they must register every year so that the manufacturer hits their production targets. A “pre-reg” is a brand-new vehicle that is purchased by the dealer themselves and register in their name, effectively making it a Used Car. However, many pre-reg cars have never been driven. If it’s an “ex-demo” then it may have a few more miles on it, but usually this is still very low.

Huge Savings

Depending on the make and model, the savings to be had when buying a pre-registered car can be huge, and I mean thousands! Who doesn’t want to save thousands of pounds on a car purchase?

Like New

Because most of the cars are only registered and not driven, they still have that new car smell, nobbles on the tyres, and even seats still in their wrappers! The other great bit of news is, the cars are usually physically there at the showroom ready to drive away!


Unlike buying a used car, the sooner you snap up one of these deals the better. You get the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty; the service schedules stay the same and it will come with any road tax remaining from when it was first registered.

Is it really this good to be true?

Well everything we’ve written so far is, but of course there are a couple of things to bare in mind if considering a new car instead. You don’t typically get offered the preferential rates for finance deals, although you will still be able to take out finance if accepted. There will be one owner (the garage) on the log book. And, depending on your part exchange value there’s not usually much more left in the tank (excuse the pun) for haggling on price other than a few litres of go-juice! But hey, YOU SAVED THOUSANDS ALREADY!

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